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Berlin is ideal for a vacation at home. Urban life and big city flair paired with lots of nature and water. In these special times, when you can’t wander far away anyway, the good is all the closer. Berlin has so many different facets that it is sometimes hard to believe that you are still in Berlin. It is particularly idyllic on the water with a lot of nature. Picnic blanket, bathing suit and provisions in your luggage and the day is perfect.

I love bike tours on the water in Berlin. From the Landwehr Canal in lively Kreuzberg to the cozy Müggelsee to the perhaps lesser-known Nordgraben in Reinickendorf, Berlin offers so many opportunities to cycle along the water.

In this article I have put together my 5 favorite bike tours on the water in Berlin. Have fun cycling.

Bike tour Berlin Müggelsee - Rübezahl

1. Around the Müggelsee

The Great Müggelsee is the largest lake in Berlin. From Friedrichshagen, the bike tour leads through New Venice and further along the European cycle route R1 through the Müggelheim forest.


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Bike tour Havel Potsdam

2. Heiligensee to Potsdam

The Havel cycle path accompanies the Havel from its origin in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania to its mouth in Saxony-Anhalt. This stage runs from the tranquil Heiligensee to glamorous Potsdam.

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3. Pankeradweg

When you think of rivers in Berlin, most people think of the Spree, Havel or Landwehr Canal. There is a beautiful river, which is also equipped with a wonderful bike path. Meant is the 29 km long Panke.

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Bike tour and swimming at Straussee

4. Strausberg Lakes

Summer in Berlin is always the best time of the year. So it fits perfectly if you can combine a bike tour with a swim in the lake. Along the Strausberg Lakes, you can take a break here at a variety of swimming spots.

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5. Zehlendorf chain of lakes

This bike tour leads past ten lakes between Charlottenburg and Zehlendorf. Lietzensee, Halensee, Grunewaldsee, Krumme Lanke or Schlachtensee are just a few of them. In between beautiful villas and lots of nature in the Grunewald.

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You can find these and many other great bike tours on the water in my book „Radtouren am Wasser Berlin und Umgebung“



  • Bettina

    1. Juni 2020

    Hi Tine,
    Danke für den tollen Blogpost. Gibt es noch einen Link zur Radtour 5.
    Zehlendorfer Seenkette?
    Danke und liebe Grüße aus Friedenau

      • Jacintha

        4. Juni 2020

        Ich würde den auch gerne erhalten 😊

  • 24. Juli 2020

    Sehr cooles Artikel! Danke dir dafür. Ich werde sicherlich diese Radtour-Spots ausprobieren 🙂


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